EAS white  WAS Ivory WAS-L_black
EAS Black  WAS-GF Ivory
EA White  WA Ivory  
EA Black  WA Black  

EA is 5 times better, Same Price. EAS is 10 times better, Lower Price - we want EAS to be the New Standard.

TruAmp can deliver up to 20 Amps , all generic old generation adapters can only do maximum  6 Amps

EAS is 50% Heavier than WA,  EA is 40% Heavier than WA - No more watered down.

Supports Schuko / Euro grounding, Slide-IN safety shutters to reduce EAS size to HALF of the old WAS size.

The Highest Quality - extremely Fire Resistant, and UNBREAKABLE, can only be broken using HAMMER.

Check out the design info below to see TruAmp / Wonpro II Next Gen INNOVATIONS after 25 years of no change.