Power Strip

We offer the best quality Power Strips on the market. Our 4G EuraPra / Wonpro II universal power strip has recently had a REVOLUTIONARY redesign while the rest of the industry is selling a product without any changes in over 25 years! The latest surge protectors support 1,050 joules of surge protection. The MOV LED light, Ground LED light are all controlled by an intelligent IC board. We only use the highest quality materials. Like all of our products, our strips provide the best conductivity and are extremely fire resistant. Everything you see in this category can be configured with any country specific power cord.

With our satisfaction and industry changing designs you have nothing to lose. If you want the best product and support available we are here to offer you just that. Did we forget to mention that we own 15 US patents in this market? If you have any questions about our selection or what power strip will best fit your needs feel free to give us a call at 480-298-0924.

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