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We've been working very hard to create better products at better prices to bring Europlugs /  Wonpro products to a higher level. We are very happy to take this opportunity to announce that we finally have solved all the technical challenges and will  bring to you close to 10 Series of NEW Products (around 100 Models or so) of very high quality universal power strips / plug adapters / receptacles starting January, 2012 - ALL with very creative, innovative new features which you can't find anywhere else, but at no additional cost to you.

International IEC Power Cords are now available on:   



Wonpro Power Strips: Secret Heroes of MWC  .... in Microsoft Press Roomz

by Sascha Segan of PC Magazine

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     15FT, 25FT    Brazil.                        USB Charger        R4T-S      R4T-FAA


      WA-DB            WA-SW                 WAS                     WAS-GF             WAS-L


16A, 250V-  Universal Power Strips  european plug  RoHS

 400+  Detachable Power Strip Configurations

16A, 250V-  Universal Receptacles  european plug  RoHS

         Combine  Type A ~ Type N  Receptacles 

                    Wonpro Power Bars         Pre-Config Power Strips

              Wonpro universal power bars          

                    Wonpro Power Cords         Detachable Cord Design


                Universal Extension Cords    Fixed-Cord Power Strips


    R4 Receptacles                R4 Frames



24 Models  Universal Plug Adapters  european plug  RoHS 

Specialty  WA / WAS  Universal Plug Adapters

       WA-Black                WA-Ivory                 2-Pins          


      WA-DB                  WA-SW               WSP


         WAS                     WAS-L             WAS-GF                


5 Plugs  All-In-One Travel Kits  european plug  RoHS 

          USB Chargers  /  USB Hubs  european plug  RoHS 

         AST-White                             AST-Black




 50W  Travel  Voltage Converters  1600W




Wonpro Company in Taiwan                                   Pro1 Company in China



Wonpro Factory in Taiwan                                        Pro1 Factory in China


About Us

Wonpro (WonderfuI Product) was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee in Taiwan in 1989.  Mr. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of  all "Wonpro Universal Power Adapters", including “Universal Power Strips”, "Universal Plug Adapters", and “Universal Receptacles”, etc.  Wonpro's patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug ~ Type M plug.  It is a Universal-to-One, or  many-to-one plug adaptation design.  Mr. Wonpro Lee owns 15 Patents in he US (plus 3 more pending),  and many more patents in all major industrial countries all over the world. 

To stay competitive, we've since built a much bigger and much more advanced factory in China. Our China facility is called "Pro1" - the reverse sound pronunciation of "Wonpro": i.e., "Wonpro" ...  "Won Pro" ...  "Pro Won" .... "Pro 1" .... "Pro1".  is the website for our company headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan:


Europlugs / Wonpro US  was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee’s younger brother Mr. Rock Lee in the US in 2002.   This is our Wonpro family business's Sales Office in the US.  Wonpro US's main mission is to promote all  Wonpro Universal Power Adapter Products  in the US, in the Middle East, and in all major European countries.  We are here to introduce and demonstrate how Wonpro's very unique and very creative design can be used to solve the problem of Cross-Country Power Connectivity -- and thus create a homogeneous world to help people Get Connected and Get Power; i.e., to enable any country specific electrical equipment to be able to Get Connected and Get Power from any other country’s electrical outlet all over the world no matter how mismatch they are. 

With the backing of Wonpro manufacture facilities in Taiwan and in China, we run a very efficient SALES operation in the US. Our website always ranks Top 10  in Google,  Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.  We, however, do not have a retail store, nor a fancy office. We do have 3 big warehouses - We pour all our resources to support our factories and to build HUGE inventories of every Wonpro product we carry in the US.  Our goal is to have enough Wonpro products IN STOCK so that our customers can get whatever they want whenever they need it! / is the website for our Sales Office in Arizona, US:

Main Office/Warehouse:  Chandler  AZ  85249

Second Office/Warehouse:   Gilbert  AZ  85298 

Distribution Warehouse:       Phoenix  AZ 85045


european plug  We are helping to rebuild  Iraq  &  Afghanistan!            

  +   /       WES4.6-E107  /  WES4.6-E109

     +          WE-4A6-E121

Iraq uses UK outlets,  Afghanistan uses Germany/French Schuko outlets - which means our US high-tech equipments can't get power from any of these non-US outlets in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan   in effect in almost all foreign countries. Our patented Wonpro Universal Power Strips / Surge Protectors  solve this critical  cross-country power connectivity problem. We are very proud and very honored to have this opportunity to help our Military get connected & get power in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in foreign countries all over the world!

  We were on  FOX 10 TV News...     

We are a small business working very hard to do our job.  One day in September, 2008, Phoenix Fox 10 reporter Keith Yaskin came and gave us a surprise visit - They were doing a story about 27 US soldiers got electrocuted in Iraq, including a young special trained Green Beret, who went to Iraq to serve our country, but got electrocuted when taking a shower and died for nothing.  This story was aired on 9/8/2008.  We were not the center of the story. But, we were very proud that Wonpro products were used to provide the required safety for our men and women in uniform when they are sacrificing so much to do their job in Iraq.

Fox 10 posted this news report on their website in 2008. Recently, they have replaced it with other news report. Due to the special video format Fox 10 used, sorry that we were not able to download this video clip to post on our website for your viewing.

european plug  15 US Patents - We are the inventor of  

We are the Inventor of the famous  Wonpro  (Wonderful products)  Universal  power adapters  the ubiquitous power adapter products which solve the critical cross-country power connectivity problem   including

        -  Wonpro Universal Power Strips / Surge Protectors

        -  Wonpro Universal Receptacles

        -  Wonpro Universal Plug Adapters

        -  Wonpro All-In-One Universal Travel Adapter Kits,

        -  and other Wonpro Universal power adapter products. 

Since its invention, the international community has adopted Wonpro Universal Socket as the de facto standard power adapter to connect electrical appliances from any country to the wall outlet in another host country   the most effective way to get connected & get power in a foreign country.


european plug   Cheap Counterfeit Adapters  MELT  in 6 Hours!   

What is the biggest problem with those cheap Chinese counterfeit plug adapters?  The PowerBright series are the best in the league and they melted in our lab after 6 hours of continuous use - Yes, they are a serious safety hazard! They melted because they are made of cheap plastic (not the fire resistant one we use)! They melted because their internal connector design is counterfeited from an obsolete model, which we have discarded long time ago (you'll have to open up the plug adapters to see the difference inside)!


 Wonpro Universal Receptacle Map

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Main Office/Warehouse:  Chandler  AZ  85249

Second Office/Warehouse:   Gilbert  AZ  85298 

Distribution Warehouse:       Phoenix  AZ 85045