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How Does a Wonpro Universal Power Strip Work?

"Q & A" with an International-Traveling Customer

Dear Wonpro,

Can you please confirm for me understanding of  how Wonpro Universal Power Strips work? I am trying to prepare for long-term international travel.  I am in the US,  but the US & Canada are the only counties to which I am NOT considering travel.  I am most interested in traveling in Europe and Asia for the next several years. 

I can replace my US type A & B appliances that are incompatible - i.e., replace them with "dual voltage" models, which can take          110V ~ 240V electricity and thus will not require a voltage converter.  But it seems if I purchase similar products in the UK or           other European counties, I may still have certain compatibly issues when I travel from one country to another.  Or am I mistaken?

I am seeking the best long term solution for minimal baggage with least electrical incompatibility issues for living and traveling abroad long-term.

If you can, please reply by including my original message - with your reply/answer to each question below each question.

Question 1a, 1b, & 1c 

My understanding is that I would need a voltage converter ONLY if the device has a different voltage rating than the standard for the country in which I am using the device.  Outlined in Example A) and B) below:

1a -   If the device, such as my laptop, has an input range of 100-240V  AND a Hz range 50-60:

a)       I would not need a converter (as all counties use a voltage in the range of 100-240 and frequency range 50-60Hz),

No, you will not need a voltage converter.

b)       I would only need an adapter (and preferably a surge protector) - both which the Wonpro power bar would provide.

Yes, when used with the appropriate country specific power cord.  Please refer to pictures on "Wonpro Detachable  Power Strips" for details.

1b -   If the device, such as my hand-held blender, has a set voltage 120V and frequency 60 Hz,  not equal to the country in which I am using the device:

a)       I would need a voltage converter; not provided by the Wonpro power bar.

Yes, you will need a voltage converter with appropriate wattage support.

b)       I would need an adapter for the plug provided by the power bar.

No, you can insert your voltage converter to any universal outlet on a Wonpro Power Bar.  Most of the small travel voltage converters come with 2 European 4.0mm round pins.       

1c -    If the voltage is the same between the device and the country in which I want to use the device, but the frequency is different,  I can use the device- but if motorized it may not function properly -  it may run faster/slower- and a voltage converter would not affect the difference in frequency.

Depends. Most voltage converters do the following conversion:

Convert "Input: 220/240V  AC  50Hz"  to  "Output: 110/120V  AC   60Hz"

Most overseas countries use "220V/20V, 50Hz". In those countries, the voltage converter will produce the correct 60Hz

frequency to power the motor in your appliances.  Peru, Philippines, South Korea, and a few other countries, however, use

"220V, 60Hz".

If your voltage converter can do the following, then you don't have a problem:

Convert "Input: 220/240V  AC  60Hz"  to  "Output: 110/120V  AC   60Hz"

That is, it depends on the capability and quality of your voltage converter.

Question 2

My understanding is that the power bars are compatible with any standard voltage output anywhere in the world (range 100-250).

Yes. The following lists the capability of Wonpro power bars offered by our US Sales Office:

Max 16A  250V- upgraded for US Military

Labeled 13A, 220V- for marketing

Is my understanding correct?


Question 3a & 3b

My understanding is that the power bar passes from the wall receptacle to which it is plugged-in the voltage/frequency to each outlet in the power bar.  Each outlet in the power bar functions as an adapter.

3a -   Is my understanding correct?

Yes.  It is a simple pass through design: “What comes in, what goes out”.   Since we support up to 250V, when used in a 220V/240V country, Wonpro power bars will not melt  like a US power strip will.

3b -   The power bar does also provide surge protection to 4,000 Joules, does it provide any voltage  regulation?

Yes, the surge rating of all Wonpro Powe Bars is 4,000 Joules.

No, we do not perform "voltage regulation" as of this writing.

We, however, do have a plan to offer an "audio" power bar, which will do voltage regulation. This is a product aiming to support high-end music equipments in the future.

Question 4 - just to confirm my understanding of application/use of the power bar.

For example:

If I have a 6 outlet power bar WES4. with WE-111 Switzerland cord in use in Switzerland; I can simultaneously plug into the power bar and use the following assortment of devices with no voltage converter if:

1.       all the devices' voltage's matches or has a range compatible with Switzerland's 230V


2.       and; if the total wattage of all the selected devices in use does not exceed the maximum wattage for the power bar:


In practical term, however, you don't really need to worry about the maximum wattage, especially when using your low-wattage travel gears.   In any case, if a Wonpro power bar is overloaded, i.e., you try to draw too much electricity (i.e., too much wattage) out of a single outlet, it will either trip off the hotel's circuit breaker,  or it will trip off Wonpro power bar's surge breaker if the hotel has no good circuit breaker.

1- a UK Type G plug device purchased in the UK

UK  (United Kingdom)

230 V

50 Hz


2- and a Type J plug device purchased in Switzerland


230 V

50 Hz

C,  J

 3- and a Type L plug device purchased in Italy


230 V

50 Hz


Question  4

If I want to add to the above example power bar and devices; one or more US devices rated at 120V-60Hz: Can I add one or more voltage converters to the power bar outlets for each US device and plug-in or use my US devices with the European devices (assuming I have not yet exceed the maximum wattage for the power bar)?

Yes, you can use up to 6 US/European devices with or without a voltage converter on a WES4.6.

Question 5a & 5b 

If I want to use several US devices that have a fixed 120V/60Hz and/or a range 100-240V/50-60Hz with the 6 outlet power bar WES4. with WE-111 Switzerland cord in use in Switzerland;

5a -   Can I safely add a voltage converter between the wall receptacle and the power bar;  assuming the converter has a total wattage equal to or greater than the power bar's total devices?

Yes. Our VC-1650 is a good choice, but it only supports up to 1600 watts.

In this configuration, however, you lose the "ground" safety protection provided by Wonpro power strips - all "travel voltage converter" are ungrounded.  The alternative is to use a grounded "transformer", which is heavy and bulky.

In addition, for long term usage, you need to discount the maximum wattage by at least 30%.  For example, to use VC-1650 for hours, the total wattage should stay below 1,200 watts.  In all circumstances, you need to unplug the voltage converter immediately if it starts to  get HOT - an overheated voltage converter may fail gracefully or may explode violently!

5b -   Do you sell a converter or other devise to provide for this type of usage?

As explained above, our VC-1650 is a good choice.  On the other hand, we do not recommend this configuration. Replacing your 110V-only devices with 110V/140V "dual voltage" devices as you mentioned at the beginning is a much much better idea.

If you decide to use this setup, you'll still have to use a 220V power strip. The US standard 110V power strip may give you some unexpected troubles. Please refer to the following case report for details:  Transformer & 110V Surge Protector

Question 6

What is the total load/Wattage rating/capacity for the 6 outlet power bar?  I cannot find this information specified on the website.

Is it the "Volt x Amps= Watts"  for  "16Amp x 250 Volt = 4000 Watts" for the power bar?

Yes. When it hits 4,000 watts, it will trigger the surge protection inside the power strip and turn it off.

Question 7

Can you recommend the best (most flexible) solution (a combination of Wonpro products) for the long-term travel situation that I propose? The devices I would be most concerned with using are:

1.       computer/electronics

2.       and small kitchen appliances such as rice steamer, coffee maker, hand held blender.

Small heat generating appliances require a voltage converter with at least 1600 watts.

Our recommendation:

         WES4.6  with corresponding country-specific power cords.

         Some number of VC-1650 to use on WES4.6 (or a big voltage transformer).

         Some number of WA-7 and WA-9C for convenience.

If the total wattage on the power bar is less than 2000 watts, you can use a plug adapter to “adapt” the US power cord to the host country's outlet, i.e., use the easy travel kit WES4.5-D-AST-P5H. This is, however, entirely  Use At Your Own Risk In addition, do make sure you continue to use 220V power strips.  Please refer to the following case report for details:  Transformer & 110V Surge Protector

I apologize for the long email- my many questions, but I want to insure that I make the best purchase for my needs.

Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to your reply!


A Travelling Customer


The Design                      



Lightning Surge Protector: 4,000 Joules

No Fuse Circuit Breaker (no more burned fuse)

Wall/Rack Moutable  (see The Design)

Built with R4 Universal Receptacle Modules

Combined On/Off & Reset Switch on the side



= + 

         WES4.6-E107             =                   WES4.6                +           WE-107

Power Cord vertically slides in - Cannot be horizontally pulled apart!

                                    WE-103                WE-105

12'  US  Cord         

                                    WE-103                WE-103                 WE-107

18'  UK Cord    

                                    WE-103                WE-103                 WE-103                 WE-116

24'  AU Cord     

Lightning Surge Protector: 4,000 Joules

No Fuse Circuit Breaker (no more burned fuse)

Wall/Rack Moutable (two screw holes on the back)

Integrated electrical circuits to support 6 outlets

Combined On/Off & Reset Switch on the top (or on the side)

Patented Safety Shutters to prevent accidental electric shock



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