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  Plug Adapter Country Chart

  11.  Wonpro Power Bars

  12.  Wonpro Power Cords

  13.  Pre-Config Power Strips

  14.  Fixed-Cord Power Strips

  15.  Wonpro Extension Cords

  16.  Int'l IEC-320 Power Cords

  21.  R4 Universal Receptacles

  22.  R4 Frames & Panels

  31.  WA Plug Adapters, ivory

  32.  WA Plug Adapters, black

  33.  Two-Pin Plug Adapters

  41.  WA-DB    Plug Adapters

  42.  WA-SW   Plug Adapters
  43.  WAS        Plug Adapters
  44.  WAS-L    Plug Adapters
  45.  WAS-GF Plug Adapters

  46.  Euro Plugs & Outlets

  51.  All-In-One Kits, white

  52.  All-In-One Kits, black

  61.  USB Chargers, Hubs

  71.  HiBox Slim Sound Bars

  81.   Voltage Converters

  99.  Sales  &  Clearance

Interchangeable  and  Mountable 

Interchangeable:  The L-shaped Locking


       The WE-series power strips use Wonpro's patented detachable power cord. They are connected  with the L-shaped WSP safety

      locking plug and the WSR secure receptacle.  Unlike the IEC computer power cord, Wonpro detachable power cord can't be

      horizontally pulled apart from the strip!

How to Rack Mount a WES4 Power Strip? (coming soon)


How to Connect Two Tandem Power Strips? (coming soon)



How to Mount a WES4 Power Strip on the Floor?

 The mounting of a WES4 series power strip is supported by two vertical "brackets". 

The two brackets can be screwed into a desk,  a work bench, the office floor, or the outside of a computer chassis (in a rack mount computer system), etc., in two ways:

(1)    Tightly Lock-in - Using the “inside screw hole”

This will put the screw right next to the WES4 power strip body and thus tightly lock the power strip in place – The power strip cannot be removed without removing the screws first.

(2)     Loosely Lock-in – Using the “outside screw hole”

This leaves enough space between the screws and the WES4 power strip.

  The WES4 power strip can be manually snapped in to lock in the two brackets

  The WES4 power strip can be manually snapped out of the two brackets for   inspection, etc.

                           WES4 Mounting Brackets - Patent Pending

Mountable:  How to Rack Mount a WE-4A?

 Wonpro Universal Receptacle Map

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