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15 Patents in the US & Many in Other Countries

U.S. Patent No.'s
U.S.A. 5007848 5577923 5702259 5885109 5938459
  5919060 6010347 Des421599 6111772 6220880B1
  6227883B1 6330144B1 6328581B1 6247941B1 6330144B1

Patent Infringement Background in the US

Fight illegal counterfeit!

We hold 15 patents on our  universal plug adapter invention in the U. S., and an even greater number of patents all over the world, including Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, China, etc. (please refer to our Patent page for a list of patents in 36 major countries).  Unfortunately, like the problem of music CD's and software CD's, there are a large number of  Chinese manufactures counterfeit our WA adapters in China.  Even worse, there are similar number of U.S. companies importing and selling those Chinese counterfeit plug adapters illegally here in the U.S. Of course, most of them violate our U.S. patent laws unknowingly because they were deceived by their Chinese counterfeit suppliers!  That's why we are here - we are here to educate the public, to fight the low quality counterfeit adapters with our high quality Wonpro adapters,  and to take legal actions against whoever chooses to continue to sell low quality illegal counterfeit plug adapters!

Legal Wonpro plug adapter models in the US market:

Wonpro WA series:  WA-5, WA-7, WA-9, etc.
Travel Smart series:   NWG-1C, NWG-2C, NWG-3C, et

Illegal counterfeit plug adapter models in the US market:

7-Star series:   SS-410, SS-414, SS-415, etc.  (lawsuit pending)

PowerBright series:  GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, etc.
Many others: Any  NO NAME  plug adapters      

Illegal patent infringing power strips/surge protectors in the US market:

RegVolt series:   PKT-8D (listed by East West Int'l & 110220volts)

Patent Infringement Litigation in the US It's the Law!

We are actively working with our patent attorneys from the  THE CHEN LAW FIRM, LLC  to aggressively prosecute companies selling illegal counterfeit plug adapters.  In the mean time, please Buy from the Inventor - Your support will enable us to continue to invest in our R&D activities and thus enable us to bring you better and more innovative products. We really appreciate your business and support!

World Patent No.'s

 (partial listing) 

Australia 625213 Lebanon 5530 Korea 072988
Brazil 8904437-1 Malaysia 104155 Yugoslavia patented
Canada 1309475 Mexico 172356 Jordan 1644
China (PRC) ZL96214257.3 Nigeria 10900 U.S.A. 5702259
  ZL94248291.3 New Zealand 230960   5577923
Cuba 22241 Norway 176636 Japan 1988294
E.P.C. 0411216 Pakistan 131943 U.A.E. 3421
Egypt 19288 Philippines 28754 Taiwan (ROC) 137938
England 2234866 Saudi Arabia 94140545   139525
Germany 300469 Singapore 9590860-4   106618
  Nr.298228386 South Africa 3042 Israel 92156
Hong Kong 1334 OF 1994 Syria 4317 Ireland 63623
Hungary 209224 Iraq 2362 Vietnam 313
Iran 25003 India 173264    

World Patent Licenses

(partial listing) 

U.S.A U.S.A Jordan

Egypt Iraq China

China China China

China Japan Japan
Canada Europe Germany Maxico

Brazil Greece Hungary Norway

Portugal Finland Irish Australia
New Zealand South Africa South Africa Cuba

Israel U.A.E Syria Nigeria

Iran India Saudi Arabia Pakistan
R.O.C R.O.C R.O.C Philippines

Hong Kong Singapore Malaysia Vietnam

U.S.A U.S.A England Korea
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