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R4T-FAA Inter-Lock R4T - No Plug, No Power!

All innovative designs described in this webpage are Wonpro's Intelligent Properties - protected by various Patents held by Mr. Wonpro Lee.  The design was done.  The samples were made and checked out. We are    ready to start mass producing this new product once it is certified by FAA and various Aerospace standards bodies.     For marketing purpose, however, we feel this is the time to announce to potential customers all over the world the exciting news about this very creative, never been done before, and one and only Universal Receptacle specifically designed to meet FAA's Inter-Lock requirements - with the special bonus feature of "Liquid Spill Proof" (i.e., pouring coffee into it will cause no electrical damage):

        1.    The receptacle is automatically powered on only when a plug is inserted into it.

        2.    The receptacle is automatically powered off when the plug is removed from it.

Following aerospace industry's "fault tolerant" philosophy, Wonpro's new R4T-FAA solves the above "No Plug, No Power" Inter-Lock requirements using a single failure proof mechanical solution - a very inexpensive solution indeed! There is no need to drill cross lines through R4T and to shoot infrared light through these cross lines in order to detect the presence of a plug; i.e., no need for all the very expensive infrastructure outside of a R4T to support an infrared electronic solution - the Inter-Lock requirements are contained and solved inside the R4T-FAA universal receptacle







 Wonpro Universal Receptacle Map

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