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The Myth of  CE and UL ...

Q1:  Why Wonpro Universal Power Adapters are CE certified but not UL certified?

ANS:    allows the design of a "universal receptacle".   UL does NOT allow the design of a "universal receptacle".

The only receptacles allowed by the UL standards are Type A and Type B receptacles.  UL does NOT allow Type C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N receptacles, nor the combination of any of the above receptacles.


Wonpro's unique PATENTED Universal Receptacle is not a Type A receptacle, nor is it a Type B receptacle - It is a universal combination of  Type A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / N receptacles.   Unless the UL standards body removes its US country specific requirements (which is unlikely), Wonpro's Universal power adapter products can never be UL certified - no matter how wonderful Wonpro's Universal design is, and no matter how high quality Wonpro's Universal products are!


The same applies to UK and other countries:  The British government had no problem accepting CE, but at the same time would not remove UK specific requirements from their BSI standards.  As a result, all Wonpro's Universal products are CE certified, but not BSI certified


NEW  IEC60884-1:2002

"Plugs and Socket Outlets for Household and Similar Purpose"

Please note that Wonpro R4 Universal Receptacles and Wonpro Universal Power Strips are IEC60884-1:2002 Compliant!


NEW:   SASO Certification

All our (1) Universal Power Strips and (2) Universal Receptacles/Sockets will be SASO certified.


SASO for Saudi Arabia is like UL for US.  This is a country specific safety standards - SASO mostly follows BSI Standards.

We are pursing SASO Certificates due to meet our VIP customers requirements. We expect to get this certification done by early 2012.


 Q2:  What does CE Marking mean?

ANS:    The symbol   stands for CE Marking.

The letters    are the abbreviation of  Conformite Europeene  (a French phrase).  In English this means European Conformity, which is what it has become known as.


Q3:  What is the purpose of  CE Marking?

ANS:   The purpose behind CE Marking is to allow the free movement and sales of goods within the European Union and to eliminate country specific requirements.

The  standards contains NO country specific requirements, like those specifically and uniquely required by UL in the US, like those specifically and uniquely required by BSI in the UK,  and like those specifically and uniquely required by VDE in   the Deutsch communities (mainly continental Europe, including Germany and France) etc.

Wonpro's Universal power adapter products are all  certified!


Q4:  Why comply with CE Marking and what does it signify?

 ANS:   CE Marking signifies the following 4 critical points in a product:

a.     Declares that the product complies with the essential requirements of European health, safety and environmental    protection laws.

b.     Indicates to government officials that the product can be marketed legally within their country

c.     Ensures the free movement of the product within the European Union

d.     Permits the withdrawal of the non-conforming products by customs and corresponding authorities


Q5:  How can one comply with the CE Marking requirements?

 ANS:  The manufacturer can comply with the CE Marking requirements upon doing these 2 actions:

a.      Affixing the CE Marking to their products to indicate that their product conforms to the applicable requirements

b.      Issue a Declaration of Conformity specifying which directives apply for their products


Q6:  What can occur during compliance?

 ANS:   Documentation and testing typically occur with compliance for each directive and can vary for each one. A manufacturer        can not affix the CE Marking to their products without the backing of proper CE Marking documentation and vigorous            CE testing data.

Q7: Is CE Marking really necessary?

ANS:     Marking is the assurance and guarantee of a product meeting the   quality.  In today's competitive world, NO product  can gain access to the European Union market without the    Marking!




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