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"Use At Your Own Risk"   


Use At Your Own Risk

The single plug adapter WA-7 is designed to support ONE appliance.  Having FIVE appliances going through the universal power strip to draw power from the WA-7 can be a serious safety hazard - the weakest part of the ring will break ... i.e., When drawing too much electricity out of WA-7 for too long can cause the WA-7 to fail or even melt ... and potentially cause serious damages to your much more expensive appliances.  In other words, you are free to choose this configuration, but Do It At Your Own Risk  - We are not responsible for any damage this configuration may cause!

As far as SAFETY is concerned, the right solution is to go with Detachable Power Cords - just look at how thick and heavy duty the detachable power cords are and how small and light weight a WA-7 is.

As Reported By A Customer:

I purchased one WA-18 and one WA-5 ivory adapter for use at either end of a heavy duty extension cord.  While the cord was plugged in to a standard outlet strip, something happened that caused both adapters to short out, char, and partially melt. The adapter in turn shorted out the power strip. The extension cord sustained no damage.  Not other harm came to anything else on the circuit. The electrical device (an air conditioner) sustained no damage... What might have caused this?

Our Answer ...

We don't know enough about your application to give you a definite answer on what had happened. But, this part we are very sure - Your setup exceeded the Spec's of our plug adapters:

  • WA-5: 10A 250V or 15A 125V

  • WA-18: 15A 250V

When one part of your setup burned and shorted out, the power surge will propagate to whatever is connected to it inside your entire system ... until it hits "the ground" - and take out whatever are in the way,  In this case, since your expensive air conditioner was not damaged – Consider yourself very very lucky!

Do It At Your Own Risk:

On the other hand, if you know what you are doing, a simple plug adapter at the end of a 250V power strip may be a good solution to meet your travel needs. Wonpro universal plug adapters are small, easy to carry, and only half the price of a country-specific power cord.  As a simple rule of thumb, this setup is okay if the total electric load on the power strip is less than 2,000 watts. 

Please note that most of Wonpro universal plug adapters support 10A 250V. Some models support 15A 250V. For specific details, please refer to our Universal Plug Adapter web pages for details:




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