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HiBox Slim Sound Bars



 HiBox-32in  vs  HiBox-SuperThin



Coming Soon



 Coming Soon





110 ~ 240 Volts

       Dimensions: 31.50"  x 3.74" x  3.94"

       Frequency:   RL 120 ~ 20K Hz         

       Sensitivity (1W/1M):  80 +/- 3dB    

       Power (RMS):  10 Watt                     

       Impedance:  8 Ohm                            





110 ~ 240 Volts

       Dimensions: 40.95"  x 3.74" x  3.94"

      Frequency:   RL 130 ~ 20K Hz         

      Sensitivity (1W/1M):  88 +/- 3dB    

      Power (RMS):  10 Watt                     

      Impedance:  8 Ohm                            



110 ~ 240 Volts

       Dimensions: 12.28"  x 7.87" x  7.87"

       Frequency:   60 ~ 200 Hz                   

       Power (RMS):  30 Watt                     

       Impedance:  8 Ohm                            

       Drivers:  6" SubWoofer                     



3.1 Channel

12 driver units


3.1 Channel Sound Bar

Side 2" Full range drivers

Right / Left drivers 2" Full Range + 1" Tweeter

Center 2" Full range drivers

Bottom Subwooofer

Qsound Off

Qsound On

3.1 channel Sound Bar

Surround Yourself with Vibrant 3-Dimensional Sound with

HiBox's New 3.1 Channel Sound Bar


Easy Setup with RCA input jacks for connecting to any external audio device.

Plugs into outlet with included AC adaptor

Comes with a handy wall-mount bracket for a space–saving.

Wireless remote runs on 2 AAA batteries

Measures 140 cm long x 9.5 cm deep x 11 cm tall and weighs 3.8kgs.

QSurround HD Transforms Ordinary Listening into an Audio Experience

Unlike Stereo Speakers, QXpander is experienced as coming from a central         virtual sound bar and virtual speakers surrounding the listener

Stereo-to-3D enhancement, as provided by QSound Labs QXpander™,           creates a more realistic and thus more enjoyable listening experience from existing source material by increasing the width, immersiveness - and thus realism - of the  perceived audio image.

    -  unparalleled high-quality
    -  multi-channel surround
    -  virtualization


About QXpander

Proprietary QXpander 3D spatial processing literally adds new dimension

To music playback, enlarging the sound stage beyond the physical limitations of              speaker locations, and expanding the acoustic image outside the listener’s head        when listening with headphones.  This results in a more natural, enjoyable and less                      fatiguing listening experience.


QXpander employs purpose-specific algorithms for maximum spatial impact on         headphones or speakers.  Speaker-targeted 3D processing is optimized for                     narrow speaker geometries and can be OEM-tuned for peak performance on                     front, rear, and side-firing speaker configurations.


Based on the Qsound’s positional 3D audio algorithms used in professional music                 and video production, the QXpander process is carefully designed to maintain                        the integrity of the original stereo mix.  Qxpander widens the original sound stage proportionately, leaving center elements strong and introducing a minimum of           undesireable spectral coloration


Qxpander’s patented, stereo sound field expansion algorithm accepts any ordinary  stereo signal and produces an output signal with dramatically widened stereo imaging and       enhanced realism.  The addition of QSound’s proprietary mono-to-stereo                   conversion algorithm produces a stunning synthesized 3D soundfield from mono              content.


Stereo Enhancement

In ordinary stereo systems, the stereo image is formed between the left and right           speakers, and is confined by the speaker positions (i.e. the “sound stage” is                      located between the two speakers).  QXpander is designed to form the stereo                   image beyond the speakers, thus enlarging the “sound stage”.


If the center channel is defined as the monaural or common component of the                         left and right channels, then Figure 1 to the right presents the spatial response of                      the QXpander versus the normal image width of stereo in bypass mode..


Sound Bars - HiBox Slim Sound Bar

The Best in Sound Bar Equipment

Immerse yourself in your home theater and expand your “sound stage” for a more enjoyable listening experience with one of our sound bars. Watching movies is made more engaging with sound bar speakers that put you in the middle of the action. These digital sound projectors allow you to hear every sound with crystal clarity so you don’t miss a beat.

Sound bars are made to be placed directly under your television so there is no set up required like with a traditional surround sound system. How is a sound bar able to sound like surround sound? The secret is all in the placement of the speakers. Each speaker behind the grill of a sound bar is placed strategically at a certain angle, aiming the sound in different directions. The sound is then bounced off of the walls in the room, reflecting the sound towards the listener, just as surround sound.

We Carry a Variety of Sound Bars to Enhance Your Audio Experience.

Sound bars come in different sizes, finishes, and sleek designs to complement any television. A sound bar is aesthetically pleasing because there is no need for extra speakers so you will not have a mess of wires. Connecting a sound bar is a breeze with the easy plug and play technology.

If you are looking to surround yourself with vibrant 3-Dimensional sound, then check out our new HiBox 3.1 Channel Sound Bar and additional subwoofers for optimal sound.

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