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  Plug Adapter Country Chart

  11.  Wonpro Power Bars

  12.  Wonpro Power Cords

  13.  Pre-Config Power Strips

  14.  Fixed-Cord Power Strips

  15.  Wonpro Extension Cords

  16.  Int'l IEC-320 Power Cords

  21.  R4 Universal Receptacles

  22.  R4 Frames & Panels

  31.  WA Plug Adapters, ivory

  32.  WA Plug Adapters, black

  33.  Two-Pin Plug Adapters

  41.  WA-DB    Plug Adapters

  42.  WA-SW   Plug Adapters
  43.  WAS        Plug Adapters
  44.  WAS-L    Plug Adapters
  45.  WAS-GF Plug Adapters

  46.  Euro Plugs & Outlets

  51.  All-In-One Kits, white

  52.  All-In-One Kits, black

  61.  USB Chargers, Hubs

  71.  HiBox Slim Sound Bars

  81.   Voltage Converters

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WA-Black - Wonpro Universal Plug Adapters



WA-6-black WA-7-black WA-9-black                           
    WA-9A-black WA-9B-black WA-9C-black WA-9-GF-black    
    WA-10-black WA-10L-black WA-11-black WA-11A-black    
    WA-12-black WA-12A-black WA-14-black WA-15-black    
    WA-16-black WA-16N-black WA-17-black WA-17N-black    
    WA-20-black WA-18-black WA-21-black WA-320-black    







Coming Soon ...

   - The Second Generation  WAbc  Universal Outlet

    - Can Take Brazil's  BR-2 and BR-3 Plugs

    - Fix the minor problem with  the Swiss socket ("ch" for Swiss)

    - Double Trademarks "Europlugs" +  "Wonpro" if possible


WA-11C ivory

Brazil BR-2,  4.0mm



Just Arrived!

WA-11D ivory

Brazil BR-3,  4.8mm



Just Arrived!


WA-5 black

US, 15A



WA-6 black

Japan, 15A



WA-7 black

UK/Iraq, 13A



New Model

WA-9 black

Germany/France, 16A



New Insulated Model

WA-9A black




    WA-9B black




WA-9C black

EU (European Union)



WA-9-GF black

Germany/France Ground




WA-10 black

India, 10A



    WA-10L black

    South Africa, 15A



WA-11 black




WA-11A black




WA-12 black




    WA-12A black




WA-14 black




WA-15 black




WA-16 black




    WA-16N black




Only Avail at

WA-17 black




WA-17N black




Only Avail at

WA-20 black




    WA-18 black

    US 15A 250V



    To use with NEMA6-15R

     250V, 15A, Polarized


WA-21 black

US  20A 250V



To use with NEMA6-20R

250V, 20A, Polarized

WA-320 black

IEC320  C14, 10A




WA World Kit - 14

10 WA-Plugs + 4 S-Plugs



Labeled  + 15%  Discount  

Same Config. for US Military

WA Pouch-14

Large Pouch



Take 14 or more WA Plugs

WA Pouch-5

Small Pouch



Take 5 or more WA Plugs


WA Blister Case


Take Any WA Plug


 Wonpro Universal Receptacle Map

Travel Adapter - European Plug Adapter

We Offer a Travel Adapter for any Configuration

If you travel to other countries frequently and want to use your laptop, charge your phone, dry your hair, shave your face, or use any other electrical appliance you purchased in your home country, then you know about the need for a travel adapter for all of the different plug configurations. Europlug/Wonpro has the solution to all of your plug adapter needs. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of Wonpro Universal Power Adapters. His patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug to Type M plug (the huge 8.7mm South Africa plug.) It is a Universal-to-One, or many-to-one plug adaptation design. Europlug/Wonpro wants to introduce and demonstrate how our unique and creative design can be used to solve the problem of cross-country power connectivity, thereby helping to create a homogeneous world so people can get connected universally.

Wonpro Offers a Single Plug Adapter for Sale for the Following Areas:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Iraq
  • Germany
  • France
  • European Union
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • China
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Denmark
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • South America

In addition to offering single travel adapters and a European plug adapter, we have the World Kit, which contains 14 plug adapters, 10 grounded and 4 ungrounded. Don’t get caught by an unplanned trip that leaves your electric appliances useless in the country you are visiting.

Europlug/Wonpro are the the electrical experts and your one-stop shop for all of your electrical conversion needs.

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