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Wonpro (Wonderful Product) was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee in Taiwan in 1989. Mr. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of all Wonpro Universal Power Adapters, including “Universal Power Strips”, “Universal Plug Adapters”, and “Universal Receptacles”, etc. Wonpro’s patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug ~ Type M plug. It is a Universal-to-One, or many-to-one plug adaptation design. 

Europlugs / Wonpro II was established in US by Mr. Wonpro Lee’s younger brother Mr. Rock Lee in 2002. Europlugs started as our Wonpro family business’s Sales Office in the US. Our initial mission was to promote and demonstrate how Wonpro’s very unique and very creative design to solve the problem of Cross-Country Power Connectivity– and thus create a homogeneous world to help people Get Connected and Get Power! 

As time passed by, the world has become more globally connected; it is not enough to simply provide bare bone universal products. These products have to be built to meet ever increasing demands for safety and quality. After Mr. Wonpro Lee passed away, after 30 years of no change, no improvement, Europlugs started Wonpro II Revolution in 2012.

On universal plug adapters we redesigned the entire internal structure to meet IEC 60884-2 socket and plug standards – now socket, plug, and plug adapters can all meet IEC 60884-2 standards. Our Amperage Pipeline design can support up to 20 Amp (for NEMA 6/20 outlet). All other Wonpro and generic Wonpro plug adapters can only support 6 Amp – no matter what the amperage markings say (yes, it is a 30 yeas of old lie, sad to say). Our EA adapters and new Skross style EASK-9 adapter are the only one can support REAL amperage for each country.

On universal power strips we have switched to a double pole switch, added an intelligent PCB board to support up to 1,050 Joules of surge protection.This ensures that electricity is truly cut off and that surge protection works100% as intended. Without PCB board and its LED light indicators, the user has no idea if surge protection is still active or not and unknowingly takes on the risk of MOV Explosion.Europlugs’ 4G universal power strip is the only one to build a universal power strip like how a UL compliant US power strip is built. No more cutting corners and cutting features.

Across all products we have a new Schuko/German ground support metal.This is to provide grounding for German plugs without blocking any other country’s plug. Our patented new “Slide In” safety shutters cut the size of WAS adapter by HALF, and truly “No Single Pole can be inserted” European safety requirement – accidental shocked by 220V electricity can be deadly.

Europlugs is both technology driven and market driven. We pay close attention to the change in market demand, e.g., increasing demand for specialized adapters, and OEM/ODM demand. This is why we now produce the new 1-to-1 Schuko to Other Country DE plug adapters and EASK-9 to compete with Skross’s patented universal plug adapter (every plug has its own power socket).

Our company offers the world’s highest quality Next Generation plug adapter and other products – “Designed in US, Manufactured in China” – a joint US-China effort similar to how Apple designs and produces iPhone.