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Plug Adapters & Power Strips

EuroPlugs is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative plug adapters, power strips and other electrical components.

First Technology Breakthrough in 25 Years!

We have completely changed the industry as you know it. It all began when Saudi Arabia put new SASO safety standards in place. What happened was for four years all containers that were loaded with various Plugs Adapters were rejected and sent back to China. One container after another causing the inventory in the Saudi market to quickly dry out. Everyone was crying out for plug adapters at the time.

What happened is the Saudi royal family started to look the other way, allowing certain politically well-connected companies to start smuggling the same OLD cheap counterfeit plug adapters built with cheap materials. This quickly led to thousands of DIRT CHEAP counterfeit plug adapters to be sold all over the middle east.

In a way this situation created this “Holy Grail Search” for IEC compliant plug adapters. The issue was that with these new strict standards it forced the prices to sky rocket making these products unaffordable to many people in the world. Basically Saudi Arabia killed their own genius idea of pulling in IEC 60884-2-5 standards. They ABANDONED and GAVE UP on their own SASO standards.

We found the solution to this problem & completely revolutionized an industry that hasn’t had any useful change is well over 25 years! We are proud to introduce you to the next generation TruAmp technology. With over 2 million dollars invested and 3 years of R & D these next generation products are finally available to the world. Our joke is: Thanks to Saudi Arabia’s failed fantasy, we have created the “iPhone 2” in this low tech industry. Our family has been in this industry all our lives. The products & support you will find on our website are second to none!

Plug Adapter Burn Test

When you are the best in an industry you have to test for worst case scenarios. The purpose of the test below was to test is to demonstrate that the most creative innovations used to create the new EuroPra products have solved all these serious problems over the last 25 years. This test includes our adapter plugs, universal sockets and universal power strips.

We have done a separate IEC temperature rise test. But, for self-protection, the test machine automatically shut down when the overall temperature reached 140 degree Celsius (in this test rises above 110 degree Celsius) and the old adapter started melting.

To overcome this limit, we created this burn tests for 2 purposes:

1. Finish the above overheat testing when the temperature keep rising well above 110 degree Celsius, and find its way to spread the heat to its plastic so that see how bad the plastic melting problem will be.

2. Fire resistance test to see the dramatic difference in quality of materials used.

See the results of the burn test by watching our video below.

Why IEC Temperature & Burn Tests are so Important

Plug Adapters

The Best Product Line in The Industry

Our products have you covered no matter where you are located in the world. Rock Lee who is the owner of Europlugs.com has created several technology breakthroughs which are part of the 20 US Patents that we hold. We have been featured on PC Magazine, Google News, Yahoo News, Fox News and hundreds of other media outlets over the years.

This is a family passion that will go on for generations to come. If you want the best quality products at the best prices then you have come to the right place. Nobody offers the technology and quality that we do.

Universal Power Strips

If you are looking for the latest power strips we have you covered! We are well known for our 220v Power Strips which are also known as 220v surge protectors. Below is a quick summary of our “3rd generation” Eurapra universal power strip enhancements.

Upgraded Features For WES.T 3rd Generation Series:

– CE and SASO Certified
– Twice the “impact strength” of “ABS”.
– Highest quality “non-flamible” “PC”.
– Fixed safety shutter issues for US customers.
– Easy to plug in and out of.
– WES.T6 and WES.T16 will come with built-in “Tandem connector” at the end.
– WES.T4 has become very popular for traveling and for exporting companies with limited space.

Upgraded Features For WES.A 3rd Generation Series:

– New WAbc universal socket which will take Brazil’s new Type N BR-2 and BR-3 Plugs.
– Our new universal socket will also correct N-L reversal problems with the Swiss plug.(“CH” is the two character country code for Switzerland.)
– Completely redesigned safety shutters to squeeze in the entire safety shutter inside the R4 Socket.

If you would like to see our 4th generation enhancements and products please visit our 220v surge protectors page.

We Now Have 15 Patents!

– Wonpro Universal Power Strips / Surge Protectors
– Wonpro Universal Receptacles
– Wonpro Universal Plug Adapters
– Wonpro All-In-One Universal Travel Adapter Kits
– and other Wonpro Universal power adapter products.

Since its invention, the international community has adopted the Wonpro Universal Socket as the de facto standard power adapter to connect electrical appliances from any country to the wall outlet in another host country. This is the most effective way to get connected & get power in a foreign country.

Cheap Counterfeit Adapters MELT in 6 Hours!

The Biggest Problem With Cheap Chinese Counterfeit Plug Adapters:

The PowerBright series is probably the most known generic brand in the market. When we ran the burn tests in our lab they already melted only after 6 hours of continuous use.

This is a serious safety hazard. All these generic adapters that you will see advertised by other companies are made of cheap plastic. We only use fire resistant material in ALL of our products.

During our lab tests we discovered that they melted because their internal connector design is a counterfeit from an obsolete model, which we have discarded years ago. They melted because their internal connector design is counterfeited from an obsolete model, which we have discarded long time ago. (You’ll have to open up the plug adapters to see the difference inside)!


Our Story

Wonpro (Wonderful Product) was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee in Taiwan in 1989. Mr. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of all “Wonpro Universal Power Adapters”, including “Universal Power Strips”, “Universal Plug Adapters”, and “Universal Receptacles”, etc. Wonpro’s patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug ~ Type M plug. It is a Universal-to-One, or many-to-one plug adaptation design.

Mr. Wonpro Lee owns 15 Patents in the US, and many more patents in all major industrial countries all over the world.

To stay competitive, we’ve since built a much bigger and much more advanced factory in China. Our China facility is called “Pro1” – the reverse sound pronunciation of “Wonpro”: i.e., “Wonpro” … “Won Pro” … “Pro Won” …. “Pro 1” …. “Pro1”.

www.wonpro.com is the website for our company headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Europlugs / Wonpro US was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee’s younger brother Mr. Rock Lee in the US in 2002. This is our Wonpro family business’s Sales Office in the US. Wonpro US’s main mission is to promote all Wonpro Universal Power Adapter Products in the US, in the Middle East, and in all major European countries.

We are here to introduce and demonstrate how Wonpro’s very unique and very creative design can be used to solve the problem of Cross-Country Power Connectivity — and thus create a homogeneous world to help people Get Connected and Get Power; i.e., to enable any country specific electrical equipment to be able to Get Connected and Get Power from any other country’s electrical outlet all over the world no matter how mismatch they are.

With the backing of Wonpro manufacture facilities in Taiwan and in China, we run a very efficient SALES operation in the US. Our website www.europlugs.com always ranks Top 10 in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing. We, however, do not have a retail store, nor a fancy office. We do have 3 big warehouses – We pour all our resources to support our factories and to build HUGE inventories of every Wonpro product we carry in the US. Our goal is to have enough Wonpro products IN STOCK so that our customers can get whatever they want whenever they need it!

www.europlugs.com / www.wonpro.us is the website for our Sales Office in Arizona, US:

Main Office/Warehouse: Chandler AZ 85249

Second Office/Warehouse: Gilbert AZ 85298

Distribution Warehouse: Phoenix AZ 85045