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Plug Adapter Country Chart

Select country from the list above to see compatible plug adapters.


Our TruAmp Plug Adapters:

  5 Year Warranty – Buy What the U.S. Military Buys to Use in the Battlefield!   10+ Amp not 6 Amp like 25 Year Old Design Adapter, Only Adapter to Meet IEC 60884-2 Amperage Rating   Patented New Slide-In Safety Shutters, Same Size as WA-320, Half Size of WAS-320   Patented Schuko Ground Support – Truly Universal, Old WAS-GF Adapters Can Only Take 3 Plugs   Extremely Solid and Fire Resistant – Stands Up to Hammer Blows and Burn Test     We have completely revolutionized this industry with the first technology breakthroughs in over 25 years! With 20 patents and plug adapters for every country we have you covered! The country chart below includes a list of all our plug adapter products that will work for your desired country. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.