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Next Generation EA plug adapter – True Amperage Pipeline, Unbreakable, Inflammable!

Now, not only Socket and Plug, Plug Adapters Can also be IEC 60884-2-5 Complied !!
EA/EAS is an Amperage Pipeline/Freeway, Can Pump Up To 20 Amp, not 6 Amp
All other old “Wonpro” and “Wonpro Generic” plug adapters can only pump 6 Amp
The marking on WA-21 stating “250V~ 20 Amp”, sadly to say, it is a 30 years big LIE



The following picture were created advertised by our Thailand distributor Toshino:

  • Unbreakable – slam our adapter against the concrete, the concrete broke, our adapter is
  • True Amperage – we can support 16 Amp, 220 volt, which is required by their Type B “US”



EAS Plug Adapter Feature Summary – A New Revolution

  1. 5 Year Warranty
    Repeatedly Use Hammer to Break Adapter is Not Covered – The Only Way to Break It!
  2. Highest Quality Adapter Ever Produced
    Unbreakable – Can Take Hammer Blows
    Inflammable – PC V1 Flaming Rating
    Supersonic Welding to Seal All Plastic Parts, No More “Plastic Locks
    EA – 5 Seconds: Small Black Mark. 60 Seconds: Small Damage at Direct Contact with Fire
    WA – 5 Seconds: Caught Fire. 60 Seconds: Entire Adapter Melt and Burned to Ash
  3. True Amperage Pipeline
    Rivet Every Metal Connection Point, No More “Press On” Loose Connections
    Can Pump Up To 20 Amp, not just 6 Amp – as for All “Wonpro Generic” Adapters
    One and Only IEC 60884-2-5 Complied Adapter
  4. German/Schuko Grounding
    Most Europe Uses 230V 16Amp Schuko Outlets – Need Grounding!
    Does Not Block Any Plug, Truly Universal
  5. “Slide-In” Safety Shutters – Protect Child/Adult Against Deadly 230V Shocks
    Cut Adapter Size by Half – Compared to the old “Slide-Out” WAS adapters
    No Single Pole Can’t Open Any Power Socket. No Half Open Stuck Safety Shutters
    First Production Only: Polarized “Flat-End” US plug inserts at 45 degree
  6. Three 20 Years Innovation Patents
    Innovation Patents Require True Technology Breakthroughs
    It takes Two Years to Go Through Very Vigorous Patent Office Exams!
  7. Focus on Safety
    Some plug types including EA-9 do not truly require the extra Schuko ground metal
    It is there for additional protection – if you get shocked the Schuko ground metal is there to save you.
  8. Certifications
    CE, RoHS2, PAHS, SGS.

EAS – First Production Only: “US Flat-End” Plug Inserts into Safety Shutters at 45 Degree

How our Thailand Customer See our EP Adapters


    • EAS is the most SOLID, most fire resistant plug adapter
      Slam the EAS adapter against a concrete ground,
      the concrete broke, but EAS adapter is perfectly intact!
    • EAS has perfect Safety Shutters: Single Pole can’t open either power socket
      EAS adapter’s safety shutters can completely “shield” a Knight’s Single Joust attack!
    • Exclusive Rights for Thailand and their neighboring CLMV Market
      Including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam – 5 countries.
      Very nice retail blister case with silver coating

NEMA 5/15R socket is “Type B” socket: used in US as 125V 15 Amp
Type B socket used in Thailand is 250V, 16 Ampv
NEMA 6/15R: 250V, 15Amp, NEMA 6/20R: 250V, 20 Amp

EAS-5 meets both US and Thailand requirements. EAS-18 meets NEMA 6/15, EAS-21 meet NEMA 6/20.


The Answers are:

  1. Yes, our one and only Wonpro II TruAmp EA-21 can support up to 20 Amp.
    It is perfectly SAFE for you to connect it to a coffee maker and use it as long as you wish.
  2. On the other hand, if you use any 6 Amp 25 years old “pressed-on” design universal plug adapter, any “Heat Generator” devices will easily melt your plug adapter, cause a short, damage your expensive device, and even cause a BIG FIRE!!!


  1. Safety Shutters are required By Law in all European countries, We were shocked by how strict European countries are when we attended Berlin IFA trade show– a Real Life Lesson!!!
    Safety Shutters are required By Law in all European countries, We were shocked by how strict European countries are when we attended Berlin IFA trade show– a Real Life Lesson!!!
    Berlin IFA trade show all European buyers care about Quality and Safety!!! We America, the No. 1 Super Power, should follow the same European rules. Sadly to say, most of our distributors follow greed, they just don’t care. But, www.europlugs.com cares!!!
  2. US consumers hate WAS because it is extremely difficult to insert a standard US plug into WAS. Of course, we have solved this very annoying 25 years old problem in EA. We don’t know how they learn about this new invention, But Amazon shoppers are extremely smart. They all buy our EA adapters with safety shutters to use in 220 volt ~ 250 volt countries to protect themselves – Accidental electrical shock by 220 volt electricity can be deadly!!!
    All other US distributors only import old WA style plug adapter without safety shutters.
  3. As a “bonus effect”, the safety shutters’ pushing against the plug. This helps EA to provide very Tight Connection between the plug.
  4. To offset Amazon’s sale commission, low shipping fees, we price our EA adapters higher than the price on our website: EA-21 at $7 each, two in a pack – a total of $14 per order!!! We still get many orders from Amazon. That’s how Amazon shoppers love our EAS adapters.


Using US Plug Standards as an example: 15 Amp ~ 20 Amp

The 4 US plug adapters demonstrate our technical superiority on meeting IEC 60884-2-5 Amp / Temp Rise standards:


EAS-5 US NEMA 5/15P adapter (Type B)
EAS-6 US NEMA 5/15P adapter (Type A)
EAS-18 US NEMA 6/15P adapter
EAS-21 US NEMA 6/20P adapter
15 Amp, 125V tested 18.8 Amp rise 36.3K
15 Amp, 125V tested 18.8 Amp rise 36.3K
15 Amp, 250V tested 18.8 Amp rise 36.3K
20 Amp, 250V tested 25.0 Amp rise 43.2K



This is the most HONEST Specs: “AC Max 6A” – exactly as the above IEC Amperage Rating Reports

All plug adapter using “Pressed-On” technology to build exchangeable plugs can only support the Maximum of 6 Amp. Most of the old generation brand name or “generic” universal plug adapters and All-in-One adapters use the same old technology and thus can only support maximum of 6 Amp, but 99% of them LIE. This product is the rare honest one.

The correct way to solve this problem is to follow IEC 60320-2007 standard to build a much more complicated “Pin Connectors” to support up to 16 Amp. Our upcoming EAK pyramid All-In-One adapter will use this special IEC “Pin Connectors” and will support AC Max 16A.



Why IEC Temperature Rise Test and Burn Test are so Important?


The above photo pictures are found on Google images:

  1. The iPhone charger drew either 1 Amp or 2.1 Amp, but it was charged OVERNIGHT.
    This is the reason why the IEC 60884-2-5 Temperature Rise Test requires ONE HOUR of OVERLOADING TEST
  2. For Industry Usage, if anyone tries to draw more than 10 Amp for Hours, imagine what a DISASTER a big FIRE can create


1. EuraPra Universal Plug Adapter ─ Meet IEC 60884-2-5

EAn is for adapters which don’t need Schuko Grounding, such as EAn-6, EAn-9, EAn-9C, EAn-17, or for a customer who prefers the old style adapter. Our policy is: “Customers are already right”!


EuraPra is the only one can truly meet IEC 60884 Amperage / Temperature Rise Standards
EuraPra can deliver up to 20 Amp, not the Max 6 Amp in the 25 years old design
EuraPra is the only one supports Schuko / Euro grounding (80% of Europe use Schuko Plug)
EuraPra with Slide-IN safety shutters, reduce the size by HALF (no more silly WAS design)
EuraPra has the Highest Quality – extremely Fire Resistant, and absolutely UNBREAKABLE
EuraPra EAS is 50% heavier than WA, EAS is 40% heavier than WA – No more watered down
EuraPra plug adapters can’t be snap apart. It literally can only be broken using HAMMER

The picture on the left shows the internal design of the 25 old universal plug adapter. It uses 1 common socket connection module to save money, which is a very smart economical idea. However, technically this design has tons of loose parts, some are even “floating parts” (we had to tape them in place to take photo pictures).

Loose Connections means High Electrical Resistance, and generates enormous HEAT. When tested as IEC 10 Amp plug adapter, its temperature rise jumped more than 120K within 5 minutes and started to MELT. For self-protection, our test machine automatically shut down. We could only do 5 minute testing, not the required 1 hour testing. We won’t be surprised if its temperature rise continues to jump above 200K.

We tried a different way to see how BAD this temperature rise testing is on this old design — to see how low we had to go to get it pass IEC 60884-2-5. The result was shocking. Its real IEC amperage rating is only 6 Amp.


3D Model Comparison

EuraPra Universal Plug Adapter Design

The picture on the right shows a completely redesigned EuraPra Universal Plug Adapter. It Rivets every connection point, makes all of them extremely tight with very Low Electrical Resistance, and generates very little HEAT. This is how we are able to pass IEC 60994-2-5 ONE HOUR testing. The only “drawback” of this design is: Every model requires its own mold. We had to build more than 20 molds. Yes, this is an extremely expensive solution, but this is the only right way to build a True Amp High Capacity plug adapter as required by IEC 60884-2-5. Please see the IEC 60884 Temperature Rise Test Report table in the later section.

2. Schuko Ground ─ New “Non-Blocking” Innovative Design

There is really nothing to compare with here — This is a brand new INNOVATION. Our “non-blocking” design has no competing alternative.

As stated earlier, the closet design is WAS-GF with safety shutters. This design “blocks” 80% of the plugs. It can only take Schuko, Italy, Switzerland ground plugs. It can not even take US plug; don’t even mention any other bigger plugs. This design is so bad — NO new production anymore.

WAS-GF can be used as a very good 1-to-1 plug adapter to convert Schuko plug to use with other sockets.
For example, WAS-GF-7 is a good 1-to-1 Schuko to UK plug adapter; WAS-GF-5 is a good 1-to-1 Schuko to US plug adapter.
EA and EAS are the only true universal plug adapters that can also support Schuko Grounding.

Special Notes on Schuko Ground on EA and EAS plug adapters:

  1. EA: Safety Shutters push the Schuko plug toward the 2 Schuko Ground metals. This helps to keep the connection very tight.
  2. AS: Plug Fully Inserted, Schuko connection is still very tight. But without Safety Shutters, the Schuko plug may get knocked out of position.


3. Safety Shutters ─ The New Perfect New Design

The old “Slide Out” design requires so much more space. It gives WAS a very funny looking and makes it twice as big as WA.

The EuraPra® New Perfect Safety Shutters “Slide In”, requires no extra space. It reduced the HUGE size of 25 years old WAS adapter by HALF – It manages to keep the EA and EAS the SAME SIZE with or without Safety Shutters. It’s a two pieces design with a locking mechanism, no need for a separate “on/off” switch. We’ve applied this Perfect design to all our Next Generation plug adapter products, including eR4T universal socket, EA/EAS universal plug adapters, and our 4G universal power strips.


Near Perfect New Safety Shutters

  1. Safety Shutters: To Prevent Potentially Deadly Electrical Shocks by 220V Electricity
    We have a “Near Perfect” new safety shutters to protect against 220V electrical shocks.
    People think we push down to open safety shutters. But, the socket is right below the safety shutters. There is no way to push it down to open the socket – we push it away. That’s why our safety shutters are shaped as a slow. This is to “redirect’ a vertically push down force to a horizontal force to push the safety shutter away to open the sockets right below them. All safety shutters are pushed to “SLIDE OUT”, which makes the power strips or plug adapters twice as big. We found a way to push the safety shutters to “SLIDE IN” and make our universal power strips and plug adapters the most compact design in the whole word.This just become a much much more critical safety requirement because our EuraPra plug adapters can actually deliver up to 20 Amp, of electrical current, not 6 Amp – This can be super deadly without proper safety shutter protection.
  2. To “Slide IN”, the pressure point needs to be at the center of the safety shutters
    This is not a problem for ALL plugs in the whole world, including the “curve end” UD plug. But, the “FLAT end” US plug used to be a HUGE problem. We’ve worked on this issue and make it a lot easier to insert through the safety shutter. Just in case you still have problem, then just insert your “FLAT end” US plug at 45 degree to make it easier to push the safety shutters to SLIDE IN and open the sockets.



This is not a problem for ALL plugs in the whole world, including the “curve end” UD plug. But, the “FLAT end” US plug used to be a HUGE problem. We’ve worked on this issue and make it a lot easier to insert through the safety shutter. Just in case you still have problem, then just insert your “FLAT end” US plug
at 45 degree to make it easier to push the safety shutters to SLIDE IN and open the sockets.

We Have Just Solved This Last Annoying Problem in Last 25 Years!!
Our Net Production of EAS plug adapter will have the PERFECT Safety Shutters!!!


4. Highest Quality Material – Extremely Fire Resistant


We use the Highest Quality Materials. We have new 20 years innovation Patents. We don’t need to cut materials up to 30% to compete with “Generic” copycat plug adapters — We compete with Innovation, with Creative new ideas.


The main components of plug adapter products are Copper and Plastic

  1. Copper Quality ─ See IEC 60884-2-5 Temperature Rise Test Report
  2. Plastic Quality ─ See “Burn Test” Pictures and 10 mins YouTube video
  3. We use “Supersonic Welding” technology to make our EA / EAS plug adapters as “ONE PIECE”
    The old design use “Snap-in Clipper” to hold all pieces together. That’s the best they can do when using Cheap “ABS” plastic.
    Our Highest Quality “PC” plastic allows us to do “Supersonic Welding”. You will have to use a HAMMER to break apart our Next Generation universal plug adapters!
  4. We FOLLOW STANDARDS to build our plug adapter the Right Way
    The EA-9C and EAS-9C “EU plug adapter” follow EU Standards: They are built with the right Angle and right Length.
    The old WA-9C and WAS-9C is a simple WA-12A and WAS-12A Italy plug adapters with the ground pin removed.
    Our EA-16 and EAS-16 are built with thicker AU plug blades, not US plug blades, not China plug blades.

Most Popular EAS Plug Adapters and Their Applicable Countries

Model Name Most Applicable Countries
EAS-5_black   US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan (Can Convert NEMA5/20P to NEMA/5/15P)
EAS-7_black   UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & other Middle East
EAS-9_black   Germany, France, Czech, Russia, Greece, Korea
EAS-9C_black   All European Outlets which use round pins (4.0mm or 4.8mm), ungrounded
EAS-10_black   India
EAS-10L_black   South Africa
EAS-11A_black   Switzerland
EAS-12A_black   Italy
EAS-14_black   Israel
EAS-16_black   Australia, China
EAS-20_black   Denmark
EAS-18_black   US NEMA 6/15, 250V 15A
EAS-21_black   US NEMA 6/20, 250V 20A
EAS-320_black   IEC-320 C-14

1-To-1 Schuko Plug Adapters

1-To-1 UK Plug Adapters

1-To-1 US Plug Adapters