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  1. 5 Year Warranty Under Normal Usage
    Using Hammer to Break 4G Power Strips Apart is Not Covered – Truly Unbreakable
  2. Extremely Fire Resistant – Burn Test
    2G WES4.5 – 15 Seconds: Caught Fire, 3 Minutes: Burned to Ashes.
    4G WES.eT5 – 30 Seconds: Caught Fire, Minutes: Fire contained at the Direct Point of Contact.
  3. 1,050 Joules Surge Protection on an Intelligent IC Boards
    With MOV LED light and Ground LED light, and Fuse to prevent MOV Explosion.
    Only Universal Power Strip built the right way.
  4. Detachable / InterChangeable Power Cord Support WSR-WSP connectors and IEC C14-C13 Connectors
    • WSR Connector – Support up to 20 Amp cord (limited by 16 Amp Reset Switch). Vertically Slide in, horizontally can’t be pulled apart, work like Direct Wired.
    • IEC C13 Connector – IEC standards support 10 Amp, good for international travelers.
  5. German/French/Schuko Grounding: 20 Years Innovation Patent, One and Only
    The ONLY universal power strip that CAN keep German/French/Schuko Grounding when used with Continental Euro Plug
  6. Patented New Innovation of Slide-In Safety Shutters Slide-In New Technology (not “Slide-Out): 20% reduction in width, less wasted Space
  7. Double Pole Reset Switch to provide real “OFF” Function
    Double Pole Switch cut off both L-Wire and N-Wire. When it is turned Off, it is “OFF
    Single Pole Switch only cut off electricity only on the Live Wire.
    But, there is no international standard for the L-Pole and N-Pole locations.
    The L-Wire can be on the right or on the left depending on the country.
    The US and most European countries have N-L on the opposite side.
    Germany engineers completely ignored the N-L reverse issue:
    They allow a German plug to be inserted into the socket in either direction.
    That is, wherever German/French socket is used, with a “single pole switch”,
    50% of the time you can’t turn off the power strip!
    That is, the “OFF” function is either 50% FAKE or 100% FAKE!!
  8. Can Print Your Trademark / Brand Name At reasonable quantity and a small new label fee, we can remove our trademark and print your trademark or brand name to support your marketing strategy.

Why IEC Temperature Rise Test and Burn Test are so Important

The above photo pictures are found on Google images:

  1. The first one shows a power strip MELTED – This is why IEC 60884 Temperature Rise Test is so important
  2. The second one show a power strip ON FIRE – This is why our Burn Test is so important

Near Perfect New Safety Shutters

  1. Safety Shutters: To Prevent Potentially Deadly Electrical Shocks by 220V Electricity
    We have a “Near Perfect” new safety shutters to protect against 220V electrical shocks.
    People think we push down to open safety shutters. But, the socket is right below the safety shutters. There is no way to push it down to open the socket – we push it away. That’s why our safety shutters are shaped as a slow. This is to “redirect’ a vertically push down force to a horizontal force to push the safety shutter away to open the sockets right below them. All safety shutters are pushed to “SLIDE OUT”, which makes the power strips or plug adapters twice as big. We found a way to push the safety shutters to “SLIDE IN” and makes our universal power strips and plug adapters the most compact design in the whole word.

  2. To “SLIDE IN”, the pressure point needs to be at the center of the safety shutters
    This is not a problem for ALL plugs in the whole world, including the “curve end” UD plug. But, the “FLAT end” US plug used to be a HUGE problem. We’ve worked on this issue and make it a lot easier to insert through the safety shutter. Just in case you still have problem, then just insert your “FLAT end” US plug at 45 degree to make it easier to push the safety shutters to SLIDE IN and open the sockets.

    It is “Perfect” because we even solved the Old Safety Shutters’ inability to take US “flat end” plug.
    US plug is so important. Any adapters that can’t take US plug is not going to be widely accepted. The lack of solution leave the US market with ALL adapters without safety shutters like a third world country. To protect against serious accidental electrical shocks, we hope that US consumers will slowly discover how great EAS universal adapters are and choose them as the standard universal plug adapters. But, this transition will take some time. This is why we also offer the not so safe EAS universal plug adapters to ease this transition.

We Have Just Solved This Last Annoying Problem in Last 30 Years!!
Our Net Production of EAS plug adapter will have the PERFECT Safety Shutters

4G WES.eA Series (the most Compact design, 1.6″ socket spacing, Can’t take UK plug side by side)

  1. All of our new universal power strips will be CE certified and RoHS 2 certified.
  2. Update to use the new WAbc universal socket:
    ‘b’: It will take Brazil’s new Type N BR-2 and BR-3 plugs
    ‘c’: Correct the N-L reversal problem with the Swiss plug (“CH” is the two character country code for Switzerland)

  3. Applied the new Schuko Ground Support to the new eAx-series
    This is our latest and greatest Innovation (20 years innovation patent pending)
    Our universal power strips are the only one will not lose Schuko grounding when used with Schuko electrical devices.

  4. Double-Pole Reset Switch
    Double the Thermal Surge Protection from 2,000 Watts to 4,000 Watts.
    Double-Pole switch completely cuts off electrical currents BOTH on Live wire and on Neutral Wire.
    This guarantees the “OFF” function work 100% correctly in any country with any socket in the world.

    Single-Pole switch only cuts off electrical current on the Live wire. This works on country specific power strips, but doesn’t work on universal power strips – because the locations of the Live pole and the Neutral pole are very country specific.

    • US vs. China and “most” Europe: US Live and Neutral locations are at the opposite locations.
    • France vs. Czech: Use the “same” socket design, but Live and Neutral at the opposite locations.
    • German vs. the World: German engineers completely ignored the N-L Reverse problem 200 years ago. German socket has always allows a German plug to be inserted in any direction.

    This means the universal power strip using a Single Pole switch will:

    • Lose the “OFF” function 100% when used in US, in Czech, and in some other countries.
    • Lose the “OFF” function 50% of the time when used in Germany.
    • This fake “OFF” function means after you “turn off” the power switch, it is still HOT.
      Any mistake can cause unexpected HUGE problems especially when it is 250V, 20 Amp.
      That is, “You are playing with real fire when you think there is no fire”.
  5. Replaced the R4 sockets with an Open Circuits
    Build a power strip the right way, not the “lazy” way.

  6. Applied the new Safety Shutters
    This is our latest and greatest Innovation (20 years innovation patent pending.
    The new eA-series power strips now meet the European Safety standards.

    Fixed the very annoying “safety shutters” problem for “US Flat-End” plug

  7. Add built-in Intelligent IC Board – the one and only universal power strip to use an IC Board
    Our universal power strips are the only one with built-in IC board to protect MOV surge protection and to support LED lights indicators.

  8. Add a Ground LED light, a MOV LED light – now it is an intelligent universal power strip!
    Enable you to tell if the MOV is still working (not burned out by a surge yet). If the MOV surge protection is burned out, you have the option to decide to continue to use this power strip or to throw them away – in the old model, you have no way to tell if the MOV is burned out or not.

  9. . Increase MOV surge protection from 450 Joules to 1,050 Joules – on IC Board
    We are the pioneer to add MOV surge protection to universal power strips – and we do it the right way!
    To prevent “MOV Explosion“, we have an extra fuse on our IC Board to protect our MOVs.
    Adding MOV to the open circuit, not on an IC Board, actually adds more Hazards to a power strip – “MOV Explosion” can start a big fire.

  10. Add 4-oulet eA4 and 5-outlet eA5 to complete this series
    This was a great decision. Warner Bros loved our 4-outlet eA4 model; they bought thousands of eA4 with various country specific cords right after they saw our pre-production samples. Clearly there is a large demand for 4-outlet and 5-outlet eA power strips.

  11. Use the highest quality material
    Upgrade the plastic to the highest quality Phosphorus Copper to offer the highest conductivity.
    Upgrade the plastic to the highest quality Non-Flaming “PC”, with twice the “impact strength” of “ABS”. The report says “PC” is better than “ABS” in every aspect except pricing – “PC” cost a lot more.

  12. WSR Connector
    Vertically slide up, horizontally can’t be pulled apart. After connected, this “detachable-cord” power strip works and feels like “fixed-cord” power strip. Can support cords up to 20 Amp.
    IEC C14 version also available, but it can be pulled apart horizontally, and only support 10 Amp.The IEC version is specially designed for international tr4aveller with low amperage devices.

Intelligent IC board controls LED Lights and with fuse to prevent MOV explosion

4G WES.eT Series(“eT Series “the UK Friendly design, 2.0” socket spacing, Can take UK plug side by side)

  1. eT series have ALL the Enhancements implemented on eA series!
  2. Applied the new Safety Shutters to the eT series
    The old BIG safety shutter dictated the old T series of power strips and ALL “Generic” Universal Power Strips to be very WIDE, very BIG: at least 65 mm or 2.56 inches. With this completely redesigned new Safety Shutters, the width of the new eT-series of power strips are only 54 mm or 2.126 inches, close to 20% of Reduction in Width. That is, eT is the world’s most compact universal power strip but still meeting the UK power strip’s width requirement.
  3. WES.T6 and WES.eT6 will come with a built-in “Tandem connector” at the end
    Yes, you will get the “daisy-chain” feature for free.
    1. Intelligent IC board controls LED Lights and with fuse to prevent MOV explosion.

      High Quality PC is what makes EuraPra Products so extremely Fire Resistant.

      New IEC320-C14 Connector Available.