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Plug Adapters

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If you’re looking to shop plug adapters online, your search ends here! Euro plug adapters are designed to help people get connected by solving the issue of Cross-Country Power Connectivity. We design and manufacture a large variety of plug adapters for domestic and international use. Our unique and creative design of “Universal Plug Adapters” is perfect to accept any country-specific electrical plug- from Type A plug to Type M plug. As a technology-driven company, we have gained the trust of thousands of customers in the US, in the Middle East, and all major European countries. All our products meet the required specs and guarantee maximum function and cost-efficiency. As a well-established company in the electronics industry, we are constantly engaged in improving plug adapter designs. We keep up on new developments to meet ever-increasing demands for safety and quality.

European Plug Adapters

If you’re planning to travel abroad, our “Universal Plug Adapters” allow you to charge electronic devices in a different country.  When visiting a new country, you need to get information about the power plugs and sockets, electricity, voltage, and frequency used in that country. There’s a variety of different outlet types around the world, as well as different voltages and frequencies.  Finding the right type of plug adapter can be quite confusing but here we make this easier for you. When it comes to travel plug adapter, we have the right products.

NextGen Universal Plug Adapters

Now, not only Socket and Plug, Plug Adapters Can also be IEC 60884-2-5 Complied !! EA/EAS is an Amperage Pipeline/Freeway, Can Pump Up To 20 Amp, not 6 Amp All other old “Wonpro” and “Wonpro Generic” plug adapters can only pump 6 Amp The marking on WA-21 stating “250V~ 20 Amp”, sadly to say, it is a 30 years big LIE

Old Gen Wonpro Plug Adapter

The following picture were created advertised by our Thailand distributor Toshino:

  • Unbreakable – slam our adapter against the concrete, the concrete broke, our adapter is intact
  • True Amperage – we can support 16 Amp, 220 volt, which is required by their Type B “US” adapter

EAS Plug Adapter Feature Summary – A New Revolution

  1. Highest Quality Adapter Ever Produced
    Unbreakable – Can Take Hammer Blows
    Inflammable – PC V1 Flaming Rating
    Supersonic Welding to Seal All Plastic Parts, No More “Plastic Locks
    EA – 5 Seconds: Small Black Mark. 60 Seconds: Small Damage at Direct Contact with Fire
    WA – 5 Seconds: Caught Fire. 60 Seconds: Entire Adapter Melt and Burned to Ash
  2. True Amperage Pipeline
    Rivet Every Metal Connection Point, No More “Press On” Loose Connections
    Can Pump Up To 20 Amp, not just 6 Amp – as for All “Wonpro Generic” Adapters
    One and Only IEC 60884-2-5 Complied Adapter
  3. German/Schuko Grounding
    Most Europe Uses 230V 16Amp Schuko Outlets – Need Grounding!
    Does Not Block Any Plug, Truly Universal
  4. “Slide-In” Safety Shutters – Protect Child/Adult Against Deadly 230V Shocks
    Cut Adapter Size by Half – Compared to the old “Slide-Out” WAS adapters
    No Single Pole Can’t Open Any Power Socket. No Half Open Stuck Safety Shutters
    First Production Only: Polarized “Flat-End” US plug inserts at 45 degree
  5. Three 20 Years Innovation Patents
    Innovation Patents Require True Technology Breakthroughs
    It takes Two Years to Go Through Very Vigorous Patent Office Exams!
  6. Focus on Safety
    Some plug types including EA-9 do not truly require the extra Schuko ground metal
    It is there for additional protection – if you get shocked the Schuko ground metal is there to save you.
  7. Certifications
    CE, RoHS2, PAHS, SGS.
EAS – First Production Only: “US Flat-End” Plug Inserts into Safety Shutters at 45 Degree

Most Popular EAS Plug Adapters and Their Applicable Countries

Model Name Most Applicable Countries
EAS-5_black   US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan (Can Convert NEMA5/20P to NEMA/5/15P)
EAS-7_black   UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & other Middle East
EAS-9_black   Germany, France, Czech, Russia, Greece, Korea
EAS-9C_black   All European Outlets which use round pins (4.0mm or 4.8mm), ungrounded
EAS-10_black   India
EAS-10L_black   South Africa
EAS-11A_black   Switzerland
EAS-12A_black   Italy
EAS-14_black   Israel
EAS-16_black   Australia, China
EAS-20_black   Denmark
EAS-18_black   US NEMA 6/15, 250V 15A
EAS-21_black   US NEMA 6/20, 250V 20A
EAS-320_black   IEC-320 C-14