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EAS-7, UK Plug Adapter w/ Safety Shutters, Schuko Ground


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New Generation UK Plug Adapter Featuring Redesigned Internal Structure to Pass Temperature Rise Test, Schuko Ground Support, and Safety Shutters

TruAmp is the only one can meet IEC 60884-2-5 Amperage Rating / Temperature Rise standards.

TruAmp can deliver up to 20 Amps , all generic old generation adapters can only do maximum  6 Amps

TruAmp supports Schuko / Euro grounding, the only universal plug adapter which won’t lose Schuko Ground.

TruAmp uses the most creative Slide-IN safety shutters to reduce EAS size to HALF of the old WAS size.

TruAmp  has the Highest Quality – extremely Fire Resistant, and absolutely UNBREAKABLE

TruAmp  EAS is 50% Heavier than WA,  EA is 40% Heavier than WA – No more watered down

TruAmp  plug adapters can’t be snap apart. It literally can only be broken using HAMMER

Click on TruAmp to see Wonpro II next generation new INNOVATIONS after 25 years of no change.

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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