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Temperature Rise Test Data

Overload Test After 1 Hour Must Not Exceed 45K


Rated Amp

Tested Amp

Temp Rise (K)

EP-5, EP-18 
















EP-11A 10.0 14.0 32.5
EP-16 10.0 14.0 23.8

WA-5, all WA Series




IEC temperature rise testing rules:

1.      If 10 Amp or less, overload 40% to test for 1 hour

2.      If higher than 10 Amp, overload 25% to test for 1 hour


Testing Notes:

·         All manufactures rated WA-5, 10 Amp 250V. The correct rating for US plugs is 15 Amp, 125V.

·         WA-5 can only support 6 Amp. Even using the “cheated” 10 Amp rating, it melt in 5 min.

·         EP-5, “Wonpro II” adapter, tested 18.8 Amp for one hour, Temperature rise stay around 36 degree, well below required 45 degree

·         EP-9, Schuko adapter should be rated 13 Amp. It is inserted to a 16 Amp socket, but only UK plug can draw the max 13 Amp out of EP-9 – no other plug can draw more Amperage out of E-9.

·         We will continue to run more tests and show you the dramatic improvements we did.

·         All Eurapra® - “Wonpro II” adapters are ALWAYS COOL, NEVER MELT!





This test is to recreate the worst case scenarios heard from customers over the years where a universal plug adapter products overloaded and caught fire, including universal plug adapter, universal socket, universal power strips.
The purpose of these tests are to demonstrate that the most creative innovations used to create the new EuraPra products have solved all these serious problems over the last 25 years.
The tests compare the new EuraPra product against older current generation products which are widely available in today’s market.



Eurapra® – “Wonpro II”, the REVOLUTION after 25 years



·         Safety Shutters

·         Schuko Ground

·         Direct Wiring - Always Cool, Never Melt


Safety Shutters


History and background:

“Safety Shutters” are designed to prevent “accidental shock by 220v electricity”, which can be deadly. This was why about 150 years ago when the world was starting to build electricity power plants, the great Mr. Thomas Edison insisted that US has to stay with 110v electricity to prevent too many human death by 220v electrical shock. 


“Safety Shutters” and “insulated power pins” are British engineers answered to Mr. Thomas Edison’s challenge. All UK sockets are required to have built-in safety shutters. All UK plugs are required to be “insulated” on the first half which can be touched by human fingers. Nowadays, more and more European countries are seeing this as an absolutely requirement to protect “child safety”. Lately we have seen a surge in demand on plug adapter with built-in safety shutters from Switzerland and other countries – even from Germany and France, which refused to adopt even the design of “insulated power pins” from the very beginning.


We have struggled with the old safety shutters used in WAS plug adapters for more than 20+ years. They are “half inside the plug adapter and half outside the plug adapter. This forces WAS plug adapter to be built in a very weird shape of and double its size. Yes, WAS safety shutters do meet the European safety standards of “no single pole can open the live socket” to prevent accidental electrical shock by 220v electricity, which can be deadly especially for young children.  This design, however, make WAS plug adapters very difficult to use with all European plugs, and literally impossible to use with any US plug.  In other words, this old design KILLED the WAS adapter market in US. Today, all plug adapters sold in US are without safety shutters, even when they are included in products exported to Europe, which is illegal in most countries. But, since nobody likes WAS, the foreign authorities always look aside because there is NO good solution for them to enforce.


25 Years Old Problem Solved

Today we finally solved the above very annoying problem and in a way “illegal” practice for a lot of products exported to Europe.


Wonpro II Safety Shutters is the world’s BEST, most compact, most EASY TO USE and standards compliant safety shutters.


·         Our new safety shutters is one of our 3 new biggest innovations (pending 20 years of Innovations Patents). It solves 98+% of the WAS problems:

·         EA plug adapters with our new safety shutters are extremely easy to use with ALL European plugs.

·         No problem with US “curve end” plug, very easy to use.

·         For the small market still use US “flat end” plug, simply insert the US plug at 45 degree. Problem solved.

·         US, Japan, Taiwan, etc. all use Type A and Type B plugs. All other countries have converted to use “curve end” Type A/B plugs. Only a small market in US still use “flat end” plug.  We estimate this “flat end” Type A/B plugs are less than 30% ~ 40%, and continue to shrink its market share as we speak – because US manufactures want to export products to Japan, Taiwan and other countries.

·         In other words, we only have very minor issue with less than “0.4 plug” out of more than 20 different plugs out there This is why we claim we have solved 98+% of the OLD safety shutter problems.

·         Last but not the least, our Wonpro II new safety shutters are completely contained inside the plug adapter itself. It requires no additional infrastructure to hold the old safety shutters which are half outside of the plug adapters. This makes our EA plug adapter with built-in safety shutters and EP plug adapter without safety shutters the exact same size. We built EP plug adapter because of the above strange plug adapter history in US. But we sincerely hope that US customers will be convinced and slowly adopt the EA adapters as the new standards – because most of our adapters are shipped to 220v countries to support our export needs.



Schuko Ground


All our old Wonpro adapter products will lose Schuko Ground, one of the most annoying problem for our customers for the last 20+ years.  More than 80% of European people use Schuko plug. In addition, Germany is by far the biggest export country in Europe. Using our adapter products to help Germany to export their electrical devices to other countries, they will have NO critical grounding support.


Wonpro does have the WASGF series of products to support German Ground. But, the “Schuko Rim” and Safety Shutter make them non-universal. They can only take 4 plugs: Schuko plug, Italian plug, EU plug, US ungrounded plug. It was a big disappointment to the US Military. They placed one order and never again.


We took an extremely CREATIVE view to solve this Schuko Ground problem. Everybody thought it was an absolutely crazy idea and it would never work. But, we did it … after very intensive R&D experiments and building 5 molds to finally get it right. The challenges of our exposed Schuko Ground metal (it has to be an exposed ground meta in order to make contact with Schuko plug) are:

·         Out of Position problem:

We need to keep these two exposed Schuko metal in position at the same location and at the same height to support Schuko Ground. The first mold we built, the Schuko Ground would make contact once and then got pushed down inside the socket. We had to spend tons of R&D time and money to get this built right and actually works!

·         The location for the Schuko Ground metal is also the ground socket for US plug, Denmark plug, and Israeli plug. When using these 3 plugs, the Schuko Ground metals will be “pushed out of the way” to allow these ground pins to enter into the socket. After these three plugs are removed, our Schuko Ground metal has to be extremely “resistant” and will bounce back to the same location where they are supposed to be.

·         Nothing to push the Schuko plug to maintain the contact with our Schuko Ground metal?  This was a serious challenge. It was amazing how everything work together – our new Safety Shutters will push the Schuko Plug toward our Schuko Ground metal and maintain extremely solid contact with it. With our new Safety Shutter be “in the way”, there is no space for the Schuko Plug to “escape” from where it should be.

·         A note for EP adapter customers: EP does not have built-in safety shutters, you are responsible to maintain the good contact between Schuko Plug and our Schuko Ground metal.  If Schuko Grounding is a serious requirement for your application you should switch to use our EA adapters. We intend to “ERASE” the bad memory from the old WAS plug adapter experience and establish the EA plug adapter as the new standard plug adapter which supports every European requirements. This is why with those BIG INNOVATIONS, we have price EA adapter at an unbelievably LOW price.



Direct Wiring - Always Cool, Never Melt


We recently had a conversation with a Wonpro loyal customer about plug adapter safety issues. He told us that during one of his trade show, the booth on the other side not far away from his booth used a low quality plug adapter and the plug adapter melt causing a fire. Took them a lot of time and effort to put out the fire and ruined this company’s critical first day of trade show until they went out to buy high quality Wonpro plug adapters.


To put it in the most serious terms, this problem is exists because no current plug adapters meet the following IEC 60884-2-5:2006 Adapter Temperature Rise Requirements:


Testing for 1 hour and the temperature rise of the terminal and contacts is not to exceed 45K. Less or equal to 10A,  must test 1.4 times rated current Amperage using 250V electricity. Above 10A, must test 1.25 times rated current Amperage using 250V electricity.


When applies to Universal Plug Adapters, this means:

10 Amp Adapters:                                                                 Test using 14 Amp (this is how WA-5 is rated)

13 Amp UK Adapter:                                                            Test using 16.25 Amp

15 Amp US Adapter:                                                             Test using 18.75 Amp

16 Amp Schuko Adapter - can only provide 13 Amp:            Test using 16.25 Amp

20 Amp Adapters:                                                                 Test using 25 Amp


WA-5 is incorrectly rated as a 10 Amp adapter (US use 15 Amp, 125V). In any case, we test WA-5 using  14 Amp current. After 15 minutes, its temperature jumped above 100°C (same as jumped 100K, Kevin temperature scale). This is not even close to the US 15 Amp standards and needed to be tested using 18.75 Amp.


The problem of this dramatic temperature rise is because the old WA adapters are built with many common parts with too many layers of indirect wiring. Too many LOOSE contacts cause very high resistance, which in turn generate too much heat. 


How to solve this 25 years old problem?   DROP the old money saving thinking way of using multiple layers of Indirect Wiring. Go with the most effective, most expensive but the simplest Single Thread of Direct Wiring !!



      No more common part. 

This is a very gutsy move by our R&D team. Instead of building one single mold to share among 20 different adapters, now we have to build 20 molds, one mold to support each adapter.

      RIVET every metal contact points to ensure tight connectivity and thus very smooth electricity flow with very little resistance

      Test Results (a complete table is being built by our R&D team as of this writing):

EA-5 US 10 Amp adapter:            temperature rise 27K (to compared with WA-5)

EA-5 US 20 Amp adapter:            temperature rise 43K (this is for NEMA6/20P)

EA-7 UK 13 Amp adapter:           temperature rise 37K

EA-9 Schuko 13 Amp adapter:     temperature rise 38K (no way to draw 16 Amp current out of EA-9)

EA-9C EU 10 Amp adapter         temperature rise 35K

All other 10 Amp adapters            temperature rise should be around 35K


April 10, 2007 


PC Magazine travel tech writer Mr. Sascha Segan first discovered our first generation Universal Power Strips. He used it in  Barcelona, Spain.  He was so amazed by how USEFUL and how easily to use to meet his international travel needs.  This is the first article he reviewed our products. We stored his article on our website. Please see the following link for details.


February 17, 2011


This is the second review Mr. Sascha Segan, he wrote a review about our second generation universal power strips – because he saw Microsoft was using our Wonpro power strip to power up their trade show booth again in  Barcelona, Spain. This is the one we ship tons and tons to Iraq to support our Military.  Please see the following link for details.




July 22, 2015,2817,2488128,00.asp


This is the third time Mr. Sascha Segan reviewed our products. We had a half an hour of long conversation. It was just happen to be before our big launch of our “Wonpro II Next Generation Revolution”, we overwhelmed him with well too much information, well too many great features and innovations. Since He hasn’t seen any of our new products yet, he decided to write in the following really “subtle” but in-depth statement:


“If you like electrical engineering, Europlugs detailed slide deck on this build process is surprisingly dramatic, and will give you some faith in its products” 

The above was before he even seen any of our GREAT new products yet.

The following 2 pictures show the history of our four generations of universal power strips.




We are helping to rebuild Iraq & Afghanistan!!!

Iraq uses UK outlets, Afghanistan uses Germany/French Schuko outlets - which means our US high-tech equipments can't get power from any of these non-US outlets in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan in effect in almost all foreign countries. Our patented Wonpro Universal Power Strips / Surge Protectors solve this critical cross-country power connectivity problem. We are very proud and very honored to have this opportunity to help our Military get connected & get power in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in foreign countries all over the world!


US Military and Dept. of State are two of our many big customers.  In fact, during the 10 years “Iraq Operation”, US Military was our BIGGEST customer.


We took over Iraq in 2 weeks. It was a GREAT military triumph. Then, we air lift all the expensive high-tech US equipment to Iraq. Guess what?  We couldn’t power anything up.


When our military realized that Iraq used UK outlets, they bought some low quality counterfeit universal power strip and plug adapters to use in Iraq. They all overheat, melt, shorted out, caused many big fires (which burned lots of our very expensive equipment) , and killed one patriot G.I. who sacrifice everything to serve our great country.  The most dramatic case was a super hero Green Beret got “electrocuted”, not died in fighting with our enemy. This enraged his mother. She filed a very serious lawsuit against DoD. The Senate had to hold a hearing to get to the bottom of what was going on in Iraq. After that, the Military always comes to www.europlugs.comm to buy my brother’s highest quality Wonpro universal products (at the time, now our Wonpro II products is 10 times better, please take a look at our Wonpro II Info page). As of today, we know there are tons and tons of Wonpro products still being used in Iraq.


Iraq uses UK outlets, Afghanistan uses Germany/French Schuko outlets - which means our US high-tech equipment can't get electricity from any of these non-US outlets in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan. In effect in almost all foreign countries. Our patented Wonpro Universal Power Strips and universal plug adapters helped to solved this very critical “Cross-Country Electricity Connection” problem. We are very PROUD and very HONORED to have this opportunity to help our Military “Get Connected, Get Power” and be all they can b in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in foreign countries all over the world!


We were on FOX 10 TV News...

We are a small business working very hard to do our job. One day in September, 2008, Phoenix Fox 10 reporter Keith Yaskin came and gave us a surprise visit - They were doing a story about 27 US soldiers got electrocuted in Iraq, including a young special trained Green Beret, who went to Iraq to serve our country, but got electrocuted when taking a shower and died for nothing. This story was aired on 9/8/2008. We were not the center of the story. But, we were very proud that Wonpro products were used to provide the required safety for our men and women in uniform when they are sacrificing so much to do their job in Iraq.

Fox 10 posted this news report on their website in 2008. Recently, they have replaced it with other news report. Due to the special video format Fox 10 used, sorry that we were not able to download this video clip to post on our website for your viewing.

15 US Patents

  • Wonpro Universal Power Strips / Surge Protectors
  • Wonpro Universal Receptacles
  • Wonpro Universal Plug Adapters
  • Wonpro All-In-One Universal Travel Adapter Kits
  • and other Wonpro Universal power adapter products.
Since its invention, the international community has adopted Wonpro Universal Socket as the de facto standard power adapter to connect electrical appliances from any country to the wall outlet in another host country  the most effective way to get connected & get power in a foreign country.

Cheap Counterfeit Adapters MELT in 6 Hours!

What is the biggest problem with those cheap Chinese counterfeit plug adapters? The PowerBright series are the best in the league and they melted in our lab after 6 hours of continuous use - Yes, they are a serious safety hazard! They melted because they are made of cheap plastic (not the fire resistant one we use)! They melted because their internal connector design is counterfeited from an obsolete model, which we have discarded long time ago (you'll have to open up the plug adapters to see the difference inside)!

About Us

Wonpro (Wonderful Product) was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee in Taiwan in 1989. Mr. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of all "Wonpro Universal Power Adapters", including "Universal Power Strips", "Universal Plug Adapters", and "Universal Receptacles", etc. Wonpro's patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug ~ Type M plug. It is a Universal-to-One, or many-to-one plug adaptation design. Mr. Wonpro Lee owns 15 Patents in the US, and many more patents in all major industrial countries all over the world.

To stay competitive, we've since built a much bigger and much more advanced factory in China. Our China facility is called "Pro1" - the reverse sound pronunciation of "Wonpro": i.e., "Wonpro" ... "Won Pro" ... "Pro Won" .... "Pro 1" .... "Pro1". is the website for our company headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Europlugs / Wonpro US was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee's younger brother Mr. Rock Lee in the US in 2002. This is our Wonpro family business's Sales Office in the US. Wonpro US's main mission is to promote all Wonpro Universal Power Adapter Products in the US, in the Middle East, and in all major European countries. We are here to introduce and demonstrate how Wonpro's very unique and very creative design can be used to solve the problem of Cross-Country Power Connectivity -- and thus create a homogeneous world to help people Get Connected and Get Power; i.e., to enable any country specific electrical equipment to be able to Get Connected and Get Power from any other country's electrical outlet all over the world no matter how mismatch they are.

With the backing of Wonpro manufacture facilities in Taiwan and in China, we run a very efficient SALES operation in the US. Our website always ranks Top 10 in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing. We, however, do not have a retail store, nor a fancy office. We do have 3 big warehouses - We pour all our resources to support our factories and to build HUGE inventories of every Wonpro product we carry in the US. Our goal is to have enough Wonpro products IN STOCK so that our customers can get whatever they want whenever they need it! / is the website for our Sales Office in Arizona, US:

  • Main Office/Warehouse: Chandler AZ 85249
  • Second Office/Warehouse: Gilbert AZ 85298
  • Distribution Warehouse: Phoenix AZ 85045

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